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# prime
# PRivacy-Intent Metadata Extension
PRivacy-Intent Metadata Extension
This repository is intended to collect ideas, references and experiments relating to a proposal to include metadata regarding privacy aspects into multimedia data.
## What?
The idea is to have a picture or video ore something like that to include information about:
Is it ok to
* send this file to others
* show this file to others
* store it unencrypted
* include it in (long term) archives
And maybe also how the long the file should be kept and how to share it with others.
## Metadata Standards
* [Exif](
* [XMP](
* [IPTC](
## FAQ
### Is this DRM?
No, this is about making it easier to others to respect your privacy intents, if you attach them to a file.
### Shouldn't we enforce this restrictions technically?
No! This would cause a lot more trouble. Just imagine someone being able to withheld proof by such means.
### Are you trying to solve social problems with technology?
No, this tries to address the technical problems of a person willing to respect your privacy.