Crypto library written in Ada
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# You may edit this makefile as long as you keep these original
# target names defined. You can change the recipes and/or add new targets.
# Not intended for manual invocation.
# Invoked if automatic builds are enabled.
# Analyzes only on those sources that have changed.
# Does not build executables.
$(GNATMAKE) -gnatc -c -k -d -P "$(GPRPATH)"
# Clean the root project of all build products.
# Clean root project and all imported projects too.
# Check project sources for errors.
# Does not build executables.
$(GNATMAKE) -d -gnatc -c -k -P "$(GPRPATH)"
# Build executables for all mains defined by the project.
# Clean, then build executables for all mains defined by the project.
rebuild: clean build
# Compile individual file.
$(GNATMAKE) -d -ws -c -u -P "$(GPRPATH)" "$(FILE)"
# Analyze individual file (no object code generated).
$(GNATMAKE) -d -q -c -gnatc -u -P "$(GPRPATH)" "$(FILE)"