91 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bg nerilex 3d940f2a7b fixing bugs reported by Christian Dernehl 6 years ago
  bg 4b6bad354f more windows friendly makefile 8 years ago
  bg 95317e8924 +generating header_tmp directory 8 years ago
  bg 64031e7f13 forgotten file 8 years ago
  bg dd92f75e6d removing non-available headers from main_headers 8 years ago
  bg 810e507c98 adding install_headers.sh script 8 years ago
  bg 3a80fbe29e forgotten bmw stuff 8 years ago
  bg 2a4779378a forgotten file (a lot of them) 8 years ago
  bg e69f1207a9 adding mgf1 source 8 years ago
  bg 566eed8328 new make system 8 years ago
  bg 2b315cbc64 adding entropium to library 8 years ago
  bg d8591851c3 also from the length_B -> length_W migration 8 years ago
  bg 56d9a247a9 also from the length_B -> length_W migration 8 years ago
  bg fb928c1c4c switching to dedicated endian switching function 8 years ago
  bg fcac23afee removing sh1_hash type 8 years ago
  bg fba438e4a1 some white space editing 8 years ago
  bg afb8447a95 also from the length_B -> length_W migration 8 years ago
  bg 4ca48ee240 switching to packed structure 8 years ago
  bg 8b5e2b5775 switching to dedicated endian switching function 8 years ago
  bg be13e6b437 more of the present stuff 8 years ago
  bg 27d15fffb7 do not remember why I did this, but it must have some reason 8 years ago
  bg 6130055cd5 switching from length_B to length_W which is more precise 8 years ago
  bg 4702ee6467 clearification of keysize descriptor stuff 8 years ago
  bg 1d6dd40713 more precise type for arguments of bcal_performance_multiple() 8 years ago
  bg 7390f9235d improving present 8 years ago
  bg 257ce629cc more precise type for arguments of bcal_nessie_multiple() 8 years ago
  bg bbdf729f28 few changes to aes, nothing of importance 8 years ago
  bg 1cdc772d04 now with rsassa-pkcs1v15 (old rsa signatures) + many new things 8 years ago
  bg e5296441c9 bug fixing(tm) 8 years ago
  bg 73f474e8fe updated bigint & rsa 8 years ago
  bg 6095187b08 a lot of fixing ... 8 years ago
  bg f3456452a0 works with three tests; contains a lot debug foo 8 years ago
  bg ec6325f589 + RSA-OAEP decryption 8 years ago
  bg ad20a79e42 introducing RSA-OAEP (can encrypt one message correctly) 8 years ago
  bg f47523ef39 [arm-crypto] basic crt mode for RSA 9 years ago
  bg 3edc70ba3f first idea of RSA (PKCS#1 v1.5) 9 years ago
  bg 52867acc0c update to stream-cipher mkfiles 9 years ago
  bg 9132c1117c adding sha-224, going to test whole SHA2 this night ... 9 years ago
  bg ba2a32a172 fixing and improving sha256 9 years ago
  bg 2b0000dcd4 fixing sha256 9 years ago
  bg 38d2de57df moving sha256 arround 9 years ago
  bg 81c98b4526 adding SHA-384 9 years ago
  bg 92e0ee3f71 modified testing tools 9 years ago
  bg 217498c12e adding SHA-512 testvectors 9 years ago
  bg 340ef70b85 adding sha512 to prf_tls12 9 years ago
  bg a0b23b3327 'hardening' infrastucture against toolchain bugs 9 years ago
  bg a5fa5eb95b adding SHA-512 9 years ago
  bg 1cc5630207 now with function 9 years ago
  bg 8a278843bb forgot a free() 9 years ago
  bg b9d6e1eb86 adding PRF TLSv1.2 9 years ago