PRivacy-Intent Metadata Extension
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PRivacy-Intent Metadata Extension

This repository is intended to collect ideas, references and experiments relating to a proposal to include metadata regarding privacy aspects into multimedia data.


The idea is to have a picture or video ore something like that to include information about:

Is it ok to

  • send this file to others
  • show this file to others
  • store it unencrypted
  • include it in (long term) archives

And maybe also how the long the file should be kept and how to share it with others.

Metadata Standards


Is this DRM?

No, this is about making it easier to others to respect your privacy intents, if you attach them to a file.

Shouldn't we enforce this restrictions technically?

No! This would cause a lot more trouble. Just imagine someone being able to withheld proof by such means.

Are you trying to solve social problems with technology?

No, this tries to address the technical problems of a person willing to respect your privacy.